The true ‘climate deniers’ By Michael N. Mattia

The money-grubbing hucksters of climate change, global warming, or whatever other catchphrase title is being used to scare the gullible Chicken Littles of the world claim modern “science” has the ability to foretell the future.  Their predictions are no more reliable than those of a swami gazing into a crystal ball telling you that if you simply contribute money to his personal lottery for the next five years, he will guarantee a significant return.

There are a few issues that should be seriously considered before throwing tens of billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars into an international slush fund like the Paris Accords.  The leaders of the world’s various governments clamoring for more and more wealth re-distribution are more than happy to sign on to such nonsense, especially if the money is going to come from the United States.

First, the prognostications of climate doom and gloom occurring in the next 100 years ignore human history.  The science of today may very well turn out to be as accurate as the science of yore which claimed the Earth was flat or that the sun revolved around the Earth.  The modern-day alarmists are direct philosophical descendants of those who claimed that the only way to ever cross oceans was by sailing ship, or that there would never be any form of locomotion and all transport would be powered by animals, or the only way for humans to communicate long-distance was by pen and paper…and choose to ignore the results of the ingenuity and inventiveness of the individual human mind.  No one can predict the technological marvels of the future or the impact these innovations will have on our lives.

Second, history has shown that thrusting vast amounts of money into the hands of corrupt politicians (but I repeat myself) and bureaucrats only serves to make those people rich.  Has the bloated bureaucracy of the United Nations and the spoiled, pampered, and overpaid bureaucrats living large in Manhattan really made a significant change in the world?  Wars are rampant; dictatorships flourish; polio still cripples millions; malaria still ravages third-world countries whose leaders live in palaces and drive around in armored limousines.

What government has ever developed a technology to improve life on the planet?  Perhaps atomic energy is the exception that proves the rule, but that was initially developed to destroy.  Most if not all advances in technology have been accomplished by the individual inventor, entrepreneur, or risk-taker.  The telegraph, the telephone, electricity, the steam engine, all from individuals never from government.  Even today, most technological advances come from the private sector.  Why would anyone base his hopes on the promises of politicians?

Why are so many willing to cast trillions of dollars into a virtual bottomless pit of government graft, fraud, and waste?  One hundred ninety-two nations of the world working toward a common goal?  That is truly Alice in Wonderland fantasy.

Contrary to the assertions of non-scientist political and celebrity con artists like Al Gore and various Hollywood A-listers, the true “climate deniers” are those who refuse to accept the words ascribed to P.T. Barnum that “there is a sucker born every minute” and continue to support claims that scientists have a supernatural ability to foretell the future.

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