UN Report Faults Israelis, Palestinians for Stalled Peace Process By Farnaz Fassihi see note please


This is how assorted nuts and tyrants spend their time….see no Islam or Jihad, see no terror, see no forced famine and massacres in African , see no nuke buildup in North Korea and Iran, see no Russian threats to Eastern European nations….see nothing but Israel bashing….rsk

Report released at the U.N. identifies threats for reaching a two-state solution in the Middle East

UNITED NATIONS —A highly anticipated report on the Middle East peace process, released here Friday, criticized both Israelis and Palestinians for policies that fuel war and not peace.

The report identified three main threats for reaching a deal to create two separate Israeli and Palestinian states: the glorification of violence and terrorism; Israel’s settlement expansions in the West Bank; and the Palestinian Authority’s lack of control in Gaza.

The report was issued by the international diplomatic group known as the “Quartet”— composed of the U.N., U.S., Russia and the European Union—which holds a mandate to find a road map for peace in the Middle East.

Diplomats and U.N. officials said the report was significant in that it lays out concrete steps and suggestions on how to revive peace talks.

France’s ambassador to the U.N., François Delattre, called the report “an important step in our collective efforts to save and promote the two states solution.” He said France hopes to host a second round of peace talks in Paris at the end of the year, with both parties to the conflict present.

Friday’s report is the closest yet to a global consensus view of the continuing conflict and a peace process that seems further out of reach each year as the cycle of violence and repression continues.

It lays out 10 recommendations for bringing about progress in talks. Among them: Both sides should de-escalate tensions; the Palestinian Authority should cease incitement of violence; and Israel should end its construction and expansion of Jewish settlements in Palestinian lands. CONTINUE AT SITE

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