Hillary Clinton: I Have Been as Transparent as Possible in Covering Up My E-Mail : Daniel Greenfield


Come on. What do you people want from Hillary anyway? She’s been as transparent as possible… for a Clinton.

Speaking with NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” Clinton said, “Look, I think I have done all that I can to take responsibility, to be as transparent as possible in turning over 55,000 pages in turning over my server.”

Hillary Clinton’s version of “as transparent as possible” involved

1. Setting up a private email server controlled by her and routing her government work through it

2. Claimed to have deleted all her emails and then turned over tens of thousands of print outs of emails while leaving out crucial emails. “Finally, in December, dozens of boxes filled with 50,000 pages of printed emails from Mrs. Clinton’s personal account were delivered to the State Department.”

3. Refused to answer if she wiped her server

4. Attempted to dodge FBI and State Department investigations

5. Lied about the time she began using the email

By this standard, Nixon was also as transparent as possible. Here, via Sharyl Attkinson, are some more highlights of Hillary’s incredible transparency.

Feb. 25: Judicial Watch files two lawsuits against State Dept. for failing to lawfully respond to FOI requests.

March 22: “Guccifer” hacks Clinton’s emails via aide’s account showing that Clinton had received confidential information from a public account.

August: Congress subpoenas Benghazi documents.

Nov. 26: State Dept. tells me (then at CBS News) that it has posted all documents responsive to my Benghazi FOI request from Dec. 2012.

August: State Dept. provides House Benghazi Committee with eight emails to or from Clinton that, for the first time, show her use of a private email account.

Sept. 4: Judicial Watch sues State Dept. for failure to respond to a June 13, 2014 FOI request seeking Benghazi records and Clinton notes.

Dec. 5: Clinton privately turns over copies of 30,490 “work-related” emails to the State Dept. totaling 55,000 printed pages. No date has been provided as to when she deleted her “private” emails, but it is presumed to be around this time frame.

House Benghazi Committee privately issues two subpoena: one for emails from Clinton’s personal account, the other for documents it requested in Nov. 2014 (but did not receive) relating to 10 senior State Dept. officials.

Clinton does not disclose the subpoena but tweets, “I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible.”

April 15: Nearly two years after Congress first issues subpoena for ARB documents, the State Dept. produces 1,700+ pages.

Aug. 6: Cheryl Mills’ attorney tells Judicial Watch it has instructed Mills to “delete any and all electronic copies [of potential federal records] in her possession” after her anticipated production of records on Aug. 10. Judicial Watch files an emergency request to block the destruction.

Aug. 19: Clinton’s personal lawyer tells a Senate committee that all data, including emails, was erased from her server prior to it being turned over to the FBI.

Clinton tells reporters the investigation surrounding her server “has nothing to do with me.” She contradicts the Inspector General by reiterating that she never sent or received classified material.

Aug. 20: State Dept. tells Judge Sullivan Clinton did not use State Dept. issued or secure Blackberry device; Blackberries used by Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Human Abedin were likely destroyed.

How can you possibly get any more transparent than maintaining total control over your communications, trying to destroy them, selectively turning over material when demanded and then blaming your lawyers and technical experts while claiming not to know anything about it.

Short of having everyone who sent her emails killed and their bodies dragged into a park and made to look like a suicide… I’m not sure how Hillary Clinton could have been any more transparent.

Just ask the FBI, the State Department, Congress, Judicial Watch and everyone else investigating her emails while continually trying to get a complete record of everything despite the deletions, the obstructions and all the rest of it.

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