In 2010 the British writer Howard Jacobson won the prestigious Man Booker prize for his book The Finkler Question which satirizes writers, artists and academics who belong to a Jewish group named “ASH-amed.” The title refers to their shame and sorrow that the Jews of Israel stoop to the venal sin of defending their nation against its enemies.

While ASHamed was a parody, the BDS movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel has become a powerful threat to the economy and existence of Israel.

Far more insidious than the hazy, hypocritical, ignorant and selective preaching and preening of leftists who moan and groan about settlements and occupation in Israel, are celebrities, performers and academics who level destructive libels of ethnic cleansing and apartheid, using Nazi metaphors to delegitimize the only real democracy in the entire region.

Much has been written on the subject, but The London Center for Policy Research, a think tank founded and headed by Herbert London has produced a first and essential book The BDS War Against Israel-The Orwellian Campaign to Destroy Israel Through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. It exposes the radical agenda and willing participation of companies, organizations, charities, academics, and a motley group of useful Jewish idiots who demonize Israel under the pretense of “humanitarian” concerns.

How did it start and how did it gain such traction?

The authors, Jed Babbin and Herbert London, meticulously expose the founding, the funding, the participating groups, the tactics and the underlying anti-Semitism of the BDS movement, which sells itself under the disguise of the pursuit of “social justice.” It uses propaganda, disinformation, and outright libel to shift world opinion by depicting Israel as a rogue nation that routinely oppresses and disenfranchises a beleaguered minority of hapless Arabs. Thus, is Israel placed among nations ruled by despots and barbarians such as North Korea and Cuba, and, ironically, its surrounding Arab enemies.
The success of the movement is staggering. In nine years the BDS movement has persuaded a gullible left, both internationally and in the United States to 1. create global boycotts of Israeli universities and industries (purportedly only those that do business in the “occupied” West Bank) 2. to persuade nations, banks, companies and industries to divest themselves of investments in banks, companies and industries in Israel obtain international sanctions against Israel, its economy, and its people.

The muse of the BDS movement is Omar Barghouti, a Palestinian Arab “activist” who, in a perversion of “academic freedoms and freedom of speech” was a tenured Professor at Tel-Aviv University!

In his book, a screed titled Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Barghouti fulminates:
“Israel is fascist and racist.”
“Israel is an apartheid state.”
“Israel will commit genocide against the Palestinians unless constrained by BDS.”
“Israel has committed war crimes against Palestinians in Gaza since 2007.”

And then, he lets it all hang out with this:
“Fundamental Jewish religious law provides for massacres and genocide of non-Jewish civilians including children”…..!!!!

Remember, Barghouti is a “moderate.”

As the authors point out, the BDS movement has engaged a number of American academics, performers and writers, but it is in Europe that it has been encouraged and even indirectly funded by governments and NGOs.
Only this past January, a major Dutch fund manager, PGGM, announced divestment from five Israeli banks that do business in the West Bank-a move involving tens of millions of euros. And, there are dozens of examples cited by the authors. An appendix details the nations, NGOs, and organizations that fund BDS.

Jed Babbin suggests that Israel and its supporters ally themselves with the evangelical Christian community and other supporters in the Rocky Mountain and Midwest states to oppose the BDS movement. This is good advice. Since its inception AFSI has promoted strong ties with the evangelical community. Furthermore, my own project detailing every single congressional district in the forthcoming elections clearly discloses that overwhelmingly support for Israel comes from conservative Republicans.

Herbert London laments the lack of a concerted Jewish opposition to the BDS movement and the appalling number of Jewish groups which actually support it. In supporting canards about Israel they may find comfort in trendy lefty dinner parties, but they ignore the essential truth that Jed Babbin and Herbert London understand. A strong and defensible Israel is the guarantor of the safety of Jews wherever they may dwell.

We are in the debt of Babbin and London and extremely grateful to the London Center for Policy Research for this book.

For the sake of Israel, buy it, read it, circulate it and promote it as often and as best you can.


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