The reality of a warning, sounded for years about a process Europe is undergoing, overtly manifested itself recently on a bus ride in France.

To understand what happened requires understanding Islamization.

This occurs when a nation’s majority native population gradually relinquishes influence to a fast growing-through sustained high birth rates and immigration-Muslim population that becomes more vocal and violent the stronger it gets, ultimately imposing its will upon the host country.

As Islamization runs its course, its negative impact on natives occurs from a combination of factors which they could have acted upon to prevent the loss of influence but, sadly, failed to do so.

Factors include reluctance, prompted by political correctness, to speak out against a tightening noose around their necks caused by Muslim application of sharia over domestic law, establishment of no-go zones where non-Muslims-not even police-dare tread, belief their government will protect them, apathy when it fails to happen, and, ultimately, fear.

The event occurring on a bus in France represents a microcosm of what is eerily taking place throughout most of Europe.

As reported by Mad World News in an October 7th article: “A French man was keeping to himself on a train ride-simply just trying to make it to his destination safely-when he was senselessly beaten to a pulp by a gang of rogue Islamists. The Muslim men didn’t stop at just one target, they also terrorized other innocent passengers.”

The bus security video reveals the following evolution of events:

All appears quiet aboard the bus. A group of at least five Muslim youths exchange hand-slapping greetings. Muslim youth #1 appears to have previously stolen someone’s wallet, sharing it with youth #2. After removing its contents, #2 returns the wallet to #1 who tosses it on the floor near a passenger standing with his back to the group.

Little communication occurs among gang members. Youth #3 walks over to physically and verbally harass this aforementioned passenger. As he is distracted, youth #1 steals his wallet.

Realizing what has happened, the passenger turns to youth #2 and attempts to get his wallet back. When he does, the group descends upon the passenger, beating and kicking him.

Some passengers objecting to the attack are then turned on by the gang. Even by-standers are attacked.

The attack works its way to the back of the bus forcing other passengers, wanting no involvement, to move forward, leaving their fellow passenger to the Muslim gang’s unchallenged abuse.

The bus stops and the gang disembarks. The beaten and confused passenger moves forward to talk to the driver, who leaves the bus door open. Youth #1 then returns through the open door to again beat the passenger.

This attack is not just a street gang’s violent effort to rob a passenger. As Muslims, they believe in the concept of “jizya” by which Muslims demand payment from non-Muslims.

This justification was cited by British Muslim religious leader, Anjem Choudary, for his entitlement to welfare. Receiving more than US$40,000 annually, he brags he benefits from the toil of non-Muslims. He encourages all Muslims to go on welfare, devoting their time to bring sharia to the U.K. nationally.

The motivation for this gang’s crimes should not be surprising. Any student of Islam knows Muhammad imparted to his followers a sense of entitlement to steal from non-Muslims. He did little to instill in them a work ethic, simply encouraging Muslims to enjoy the fruits of non-Muslim labors.

This mindset results in Muslim countries being among the most non-productive today. European cities, once noted for productivity, enter an economic tailspin as their Muslim population increases.

The French city of Roubaix is such an example-once considered the capital of a working class recognizing the normal “give and take” relationship between a city and its residents. However, with its recent Muslim growth, the all-too-familiar smothering impact Islam has on productivity is occurring-Muslim residents taking but not giving. Roubaix now is nicknamed the “Mecca of socialism” and the “the poorest city in France.”

Muslim attackers on the bus sought to do more than strip an innocent passenger of his wallet-they sought to strip him of his dignity for being a non-believer.

Robbers, happy to get away with a crime, do not return to its scene to beat a victim again; but Muslims, embracing the superiority of Islam over all other religions, do.

Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt, USMC (Ret.), is a retired Marine infantry officer who served in the Vietnam war, the U.S. invasion of Panama and the first Gulf war. He is the author of “Bare Feet, Iron Will–Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam’s Battlefields,” “Living the Juche Lie: North Korea’s Kim Dynasty” and “Doomsday: Iran–The Clock is Ticking.” He frequently writes on foreign policy and defense issues.

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