Dear Dr. MacEoin ( )


I received from both a friend and Jerusalem Posts, a copy of your recent letter (pasted to the foot of this letter) to St. James Church and in particular, Rev.s Meader, Winkett and Valentine.


I expect you have already received tremendously favorable comments for your eloquently powerful letter damning them for their having  constructed a mendacious (anti-Israel) wall on its premises in order to make an ignominious political point.


Metaphorically speaking you have employed both a surgeons scalpel and a sledgehammer to cut away and shatter the illusory façade these church leaders have erected for themselves to hide the truth that their real motives for erecting this wall are antisemitic which motives mark not just them, but their church.


Redemption for St. James Church and Rev.s Meader, Winkett and Valentine can only come if they open their eyes to the ugly sin of their antisemitism that flies in the face of the best of what Christian teaching offers. 


That redemption can only be complete if in seeing the antisemitic ugliness within them, they embrace the word and spirit of the best of Christian principles that their antisemitism denies and with that, admit their sin, renounce their antisemitism and tear down the mendacious anti-Israel/antisemitic wall they have built for all to see.


Just as their antisemitism is on public display, so too must their aforesaid acts of redemption be made public to their congregants and to the Christian world at large.


I am most interested to know what, if any response Rev.s Meader, Winkett and Valentine make.  I do hope you can distribute their reply or to advise if no reply is forthcoming.


In closing, I want to express my sincere admiration and gratitude for all your righteous efforts, present and past in defence, support and love of Jews and Israel.  Doubtless I am but one of a very great many Jews who feel that way about you.


You truly are amongst the best of good, decent and righteous people.




Bill Narvey, Calgary, Alberta Canada



St James Church, Piccadilly

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