First: I like and admire Daniel Pipes. His support for Israel and his opposition to the two state delusion has been inspiring for me personally. I also know that his opinions have evolved over the years because unlike many scholars he is open to new ideas which are buttressed by history and facts.

Second: I like Andrew Bostom, a physician who has studied Islam meticulously and authored three authoritative books on the subject. Of particular interest to me is “The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism-From Sacred Texts to Solemn History.”

Daniel Pipes maintains that a form of Islam, called “Islamism” is anti-Semitic whereas Islam itself is not. Furthermore, he states that Jews and Muslims have a history of comity.

Andrew Bostom, citing several sources categorically denies this.

Why not a debate?

It sure would be far more enlightening than all these so called interfaith dialogues.

Here are two Jews, two scholars, two Americans with the best intentions and regard for the security and destiny of  Israel and America.

How about it?


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