In view of the problems in Egypt, the financial problems in Cyprus, the problems in Syria, North Korea, as well as the recent presidential visit to Israel, I am compelled to expand and update the fine article by Khaled Abu Toameh: Are Settlements Really the Major Obstacle to Peace?

President Obama claimed in Cairo in 2008 and reiterated it in Israel in March 2013, that the obstacle to world peace are the ‘settlements’ in that tiny country of Israel!

There were no ‘settlements’ when Israel was born, but five separate attacks by Arab countries shattered the “peace.” Israel defeated them and the only thing they asked in return was public acceptance of Israel’s right to exist and peace. Both were refused. Israel gave away half the country and released thousands of terrorist prisoners over the years in return for a few, not all living Israeli soldiers. Arab or Muslim countries have continuously refused all subsequent efforts despite several well-publicized and important international agreements facilitated by several US Presidents.

In March 2010 the Obama administration publicly attacked Israel to stop “settlement building” in Jerusalem, even though many of the Jewish residents who live there were originally expelled from Muslim countries. Hamas, Hezbollah and radical Islam have refused to sit down to negotiate future peace, attacked Israel violently numerous times, and still train and brainwash adults and children with so much hate that they take pleasure in detonating themselves to kill others.

Is this the reason why the UN and most nations think that stopping to build settlements will actually prevent all wars and bring peace throughout the world?

None of the terrorist activities of the past ten-fifteen years were mentioned by President Obama in Cairo as he promised financial and ‘cultural aid’ to Gaza and all Muslim nations. None of the twenty Arab countries surrounding Israel have the same democracy, women’s rights, religious freedom or the general freedom which we, in the West have and enjoy. Islam broadcasts openly that they want to dominate the world and want to eliminate western civilization. In the US, they aggressively fight in courts to replace or equate our Constitution and our laws with their Shariah. Islam in America is allowed to use our own democratic laws and institutions to achieve their goals, while our heritage, our constitution and our laws have been side stepped or forgotten during the past ten tears. Unfortunately, very few people and very few “constitutional lawyers” have been objecting.

Isn’t it crystal clear now why the real, only obstacle to ‘world peace’ are a few settlements in that tiny country, Israel?

President Obama and the UN have been putting pressure only on Israel.During his March 2013 visit, he said again.

… Israelis must recognize that continued settlement activity is counterproductive to the cause of peace …

but he did not mention the continuing rocket attacks and the UN’s efforts to demonize Israel. Then he said:

Palestinian children cannot grow up in a state of their own living their entire lives with the presence of a foreign army that controls the movements, not just of those young people but their parents, their grandparents, every single day….


Just as Israelis built a state in their homeland, Palestinians have a right to be a free people in their own land.

Yes, but President Obama completely forgot to mention that every time there was an agreement in sight, it was rejected by those same Palestinians. So, why are only settlements in Israel considered the major obstacle to world peace?

In spite of numerous diplomatic efforts during the past 60 plus years, none of the countries surrounding Israel made an effort to absorb or accommodate the ever-increasing “Palestinian” refugees. The leaders who want to establish “Palestine” now have never worked toward establishing their own state, but have kept several generations of their people in “refugee” camps while collecting continuous and enormous financial aid from the world and the US. Instead of building an infrastructure, schools, hospitals, electric plants and industries to provide jobs, they only incite and teach hate. When Israel, showing their serious intention toward ‘peace creation’ voluntarily withdrew from Gaza and left behind a thriving and money making hothouse complex worth billions of dollars and income, the “oppressed” and “occupied Palestinians” chose to destroy it within a day.

Israel treats all patients – Jews, Arabs, Palestinians – in Hadassah Hospital, no matter what their religion or where they come from. Israel is first or second to respond and send ongoing substantial medical, technical, financial and food aid to all those countries where natural or man-made disasters strike, like Taiwan, Haiti, Chile and others. Yet none of the oil-rich or Muslim countries have ever participated in any of those efforts. Why? Because according Islamic law only Muslims could be the recipient of “aid and charity.” This brings up a question: while most Arab countries are oil rich, why do most Muslims live in poverty in many countries and often led by dictators?

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East where several Arabs are members of the Knesset. Salib Joubran has a permanent position on the Israeli Supreme Court, while Abdel Rahman Zuabi took his seat on March 3, 1999 for a nine-month term there. Which Arab country has minorities, especially Jews at the highest level of government?

This is obviously more proof that the only obstacle to world peace is Jewish settlements. They are in a place called “Palestine,” which was called Palestine way before Israel was born and was home to Jews for thousands of years.

The “Palestinians” keep forgetting that it was only Israel who accepted “statehood” after the Balfour Declaration on November 2, 1917, while all the others living there rejected and refused it. While ‘Palestinians’ deny the existence of Jews in that area, President Obama reiterated in his speech that Jews have lived there for 3,000 years. Even the Koran, verses 7:127-129 and 5:21, declared 1,400 years ago that that land was given to Israelites. Yet they deny all these facts.

Does anyone doubt by now that the foremost obstacle, the only obstacle to world peace is nothing else, but the building of some settlements in Israel?

The facts prove that we must not forget the truths, the past and our history books! Should we allow history to be altered for false and/or devious purposes? Should we ignore the possibility of world peace in view of the race for nuclear power by countries where most of their citizens live in poverty and ignorance and under dictatorship?

No! We should not! The sad fact is that the “settlement” issue is not and has never, ever been the obstacle for anything and especially not for ‘world peace’. The real truths have been replaced by falsehoods and misrepresentation by politicians, United Nations officials, tyrants and ambitious demagogues who want to divert attention from their own true intentions.

Charles Krauthammer’s most recent, brilliant article, What Happened in Jerusalem, illustrates, supports and underscores the facts, delusions and misrepresentations which I tried to convey. His numerous articles are one of the few indisputable, fact-filled criticisms of the administration, world politics and other leaders who do not pay attention to the ideals we set forth and followed in our Constitution which have been the guiding light for the suffering, downtrodden masses everywhere.

We cannot live in a fairy tale! Facts speak for themselves. We need to fight against the propaganda of “settlements issue” and fight for the truth!

Santanaya said: if we forget the lessons we have learned from past history, we will have to relearn them again – but unfortunately it is going to be the hard way!


Robert Reyto, DDS is a survivor of both Nazism and Communism and after immigrating to the United States served in US Navy. After 9/11 he recognized new dangers threatening Western Civilization. Through his writings, he is pursuing the dissemination of facts and truths to protect our freedom, our Constitution, the United States and the only ally in the Middle East, Israel. He may be reached at

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