So Hagel was not chucked after all and now there is audible hand-wringing and blaming and accusing….namely, the Jews did not do enough to stop him petition, write letters and columns and prayers and so on.

I say they did too much. Hagel does not like Israel….no kidding….that’s the understatement. Hagel does not think America is worth defending anymore and that’s why he is unfit. His views on Israel mirror those of unfit organizations that purport great love and support for Israel. J Street for one. And what peeves me most is the number of anti Hagel Jews who supported and encouraged Israel’s surrender from Gaza. So what harms Israel more? Hagel’s idiotisms or shells landing in Israel from Gaza? Or, the two state solution that places the Jihad dagger at Israel’s throat.?

John Kerry is right. Americans have the right to be stupid. And they exert that right at every turn.

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