Stop Lying About Us!

So, are you happy now, left wing extremists and fellow journalists, now that Lars Hedegaard was very close to being killed? You who have done everything you could, seeking with your lies to smear Dispatch International as a racist and Muslim-hating newspaper, rather than telling the truth – that we are critical of the totalitarian ideology of Islam. Are you aware that it is due to your support of the ever stronger demands for the Islamization of the West that these killers can operate freely in our society?

Last Tuesday I got the worst shock of my life. My fellow editor-in-chief Lars Hedegaard called me and said that to his regret he would not be able to come to the editorial office in Malmö, for he had just been the target of an assassination attempt.

None of us are stupid. We know quite well that what we are doing is dangerous – the worst thing one can do in Sweden of 2013 is to criticize Islam and the reckless immigration policy conducted by the current Reinfeldt cabinet. But we are fighting to remain able to live in an open and democratic society with 100 percent free expression.

If we were to capitulate to the forces of darkness that seek to draw the Western world down into the midnight of totalitarianism, it would be the end. NOW is the time when we must do things to defend our way of life.

We at Dispatch International will be forced to be even more careful and worried for our security. But we will never, never, never give up and concede victory to the forces of totalitarianism. They would have to kill us, one by one.

I hereby encourage all my journalist colleagues to stand up for the free word and for the right of our newspapers to write the articles they deem necessary for their readers. Stop calling us “Muslim-haters” – we are not the ones who hate or who seek to shoot and kill those of differing opinions. We are critical of the totalitarian ideology of Islam, which today constitutes a threat to the free world, a threat of a magnitude equal to those earlier posed by National Socialism, Communism and Fascism.

Stop lying to your readers, listeners and viewers. Tell them that we are standing for democracy and freedom, which you ceased to do long ago.

But I am not holding onto any hopes about you. For you have painted yourselves into a corner where you, in your eagerness to be good “anti-racists”, cannot see the forest for the trees. You do not realize that you have come to constitute the great threat, you who apologize for murderers and terrorists with tales of rotten childhoods and social exclusion. It is you who have directed all attention towards Breivik, yet ignored the terrorists who plotted to cut the throats of journalists at Jyllands-Posten and then throw their heads onto Rådhuspladsen (Copenhagen, Denmark) below. It is you who cuddle up to the terrorists and make apologies for their crimes.

If you do not stand up for the right of Dispatch International to publish a newspaper without being the targets of assassination attempts, you have no role to play in publishing. At that point we might as well shut down democracy and freedom of expression at once.


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