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“It Is High Noon For America”
by Drew Zahn
Video: Author Jamie Glazov interviewed on biggest threats to freedom.

GO CANADA!!! *****


Yesterday’s vote at the U.N. granting the Palestinians “non-member observer state” was quite the spectacle. We’ve seen this ugliness before, e.g., during the 1930s, when the League of Nations (predecessor to the UN) did nothing to stop a genocidal movement from spreading throughout Europe; when Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” was mass murderer Adolf Hitler; and when the United States of America remained neutral in the face of unthinkable horrors, until forced to join the fray following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Well, today it’s déjà vu all over again. Rather than thwarting the Palestinian bid, as a previous U.S. administration did, the current administration issued perfunctory statements of condemnation and led from behind.

In a June 3, 2011 op-ed entitled “How to Block the Palestine Statehood Ploy: Congress can take a cue from Jim Baker in 1989 and threaten to cut U.S. money for the U.N., former UN Ambassador John Bolton wrote:

The lesson for today is plain. If President Obama wants to block a General Assembly Palestinian statehood resolution, he should act essentially as Messrs. Bush and Baker did. Yet Mr. Obama is highly unlikely to do anything so decisive, which is why many in America and Israel remain gravely concerned about this latest Palestinian diplomatic ploy.

Sure enough, one and a half years later, President Obama chose NOT to block the resolution. Which begs the question: Was Mr. Obama’s support of Israel’s “right to defend itself” during the recent Gaza conflict, intended to shore up some brownie points and give him greater leverage in pressuring Israel to make more concessions in the so-called peace process?

In any case, one country that made us proud yesterday was Canada, which stood on principle and showed the rest of the world what doing the right thing looked like.


http://www.mythsandfacts.org/ 51 member countries – the entire League of Nations [Today’s UN] – unanimously declared on July 24, 1922: “Whereas recognition has been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.” The 51 member countries of the League of Nations […]