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New York Times Sells A Bridge, Then Buys A Map

When Israel announced that planning would begin for some housing in an area known as E1, the New York Times led the media howling that building there would cut off the northern from the southern parts of a future Palestine in the areas of the West Bank. Despite the Palestinians publicly announcing at the UN their breaking the Oslo Accords, a reason had to be found or created to hold Israel to blame for obstructing peace!

This map (courtesy of Honest Reporting, for example, shows that not to be true.

The New York Times must have bought a map, and just ran two corrections to its prior reporting, if it can be dignified as such. Blind ignorance is blamed on an “editing error.” Yeah, and Delaware is our largest state.

That area has never been offered to Palestinians in any of the many proposals for 98% of the West Bank to be theirs for a state. See this map:

The E1 area is actually a barren hill (see photo at link; the structure at the top is a police station) between Jerusalem and the largest settlement, necessary to reach it and to keep transport open to the strategic Jordan Valley. Here’s an in depth discussion of what’s involved.

Meanwhile, as in so many other cases, legacy media bias goes beyond erroneous to carry the pro-Palestinian vessel of lies that contains excuses for hatred and avoidance of negotiations.

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