If it were not so painful, it could be funny. Everyone is shocked, simply shocked that Abbas went ahead with his plan for recognition of a “Palestinian” state. I expect that any moment Alan Dershowitz and Ed Koch and assorted fools and grandees of the Jewish organizations will rear their self righteous indignation at the chutzpah of Abbas.

They supported the concept of a “two state (dis)solution”…..blind and deaf to the realities of geographical impossibility, the stated and repeated jihadist and genocidal goals of the so-called peace processors,  the masquerade of Palarab “moderation”, and the deadly lessons of the Gaza withdrawal.

Anne Bayefsky got it just right when she said in a National Review Column: ”

“The Palestinian narrative is a fiction. It is deliberately crafted to mirror that of the Jewish people, beginning with the biggest lie of all — that the catastrophe of the creation of the state of Israel is equivalent to the Holocaust.”
And all those who bought into that fiction and endorsed it and promoted it had a large part in enabling the debacle for Israel in the United Nations.
And now what?

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