1. Hamas calls for an Arab Army to Liberate Jerusalem

  2. Nigerians Fear More Attacks After Muslim Terrorists Kill 35 Catholics at Christmas Mass [CNS]

  3. 2011 New Home Sales: 2011 Will Likely End up as the WORST YEAR for Sales in History [AP]

  4. Degree of frustration with cost of college: Outcry grows on soaring tuitions [WT]

  5. Muslim Brotherhood: Hamas is our role model [YNET]

  6. Premature Post-Mortem on Marriage [TOWNHALL]

  7. Pakistani Christian on death row cooks own meals for fear of being poisoned [TELEGRAPH]

  8. French unemployment at 12-year high [FT]

  9. TSA screenings aren’t just for airports anymore [LAT]

  10. Posturing or preparing for war? Iran begins naval drills in world’s most strategic oil transit channel [DAILY MAIL]

  11. Beset By Strife at Chemical Security Office, DHS Internal Report Claims Anti-Terrorism Program Now In Jeopardy [FOX]


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