Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state


Author and TJCI contributing editor, Victor Sharpe, has just completed his third volume of Politicide.

This book is a wonderful educational primer for all who wish to better understand the history, both biblical and post-biblical, of the Land of Israel. It is easily readable and informative and makes a great gift for friends and relatives during Christmas and Hanukah or at any time.

The chapters, maps, pictures and quotes in this third volume bring the reader up to date with the epic struggle of the Jewish state to defend itself against relentless Muslim aggression and attempted genocide. Politicide is the word that describes the attempted murder of a state: Israel.

This third volume also further exposes the existential Islamic threat to the very existence of Judeo-Christian civilization, to America in this time of the Obama regime, and to what is left of the Free world: Above all, it reveals how good can overcome evil.

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This third volume of Politicide continues to track the relentless Arab and Muslim world’s attempt to destroy the embattled Jewish state. The chapters are filled with an immense amount of historical, political, geographical and military information, which makes this book – like the two previous volumes – a must read and a superb primer for all who wish to understand the existential conflict that threatens all of us.

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