“I see the Jews in Israel as Total Nazis”

Thus spoke Jane Green (the name she gave us) on the pavement after the PSC’s meeting on Jerusalem last night. Richard Millett will post the sound recording of this foul-mouthed Jew hater on his blog. When we first started talking to Ms Green she claimed the Holocaust didn’t happen. Unfortunately she would not repeat this when the voice recorder was on. But she was recorded responding “I don’t know, I wasn’t there” in response to our question “Were there gas chambers in the concentration camps?” We also recorded her saying “a few hundred thousand” Jews died in the Holocaust. “How did they die?” we asked. “They had their foreskins chopped off ….”.

We also recorded her saying “You are using the fuc*ing Holocaust to kill the Palestinians.”

Stephen Sizer is a Church of England vicar with a history of fervent anti-Zionism.…

He has said that it is antisemitic not to try to convert Jews to Christianity and he has been called “the Iranian regime’s dutiful mouthpiece inside the Anglican Church”:

At the meeting he was asked why more Churchmen didn’t speak out about the wicked Israelis. He gave two reasons. First, “guilt about the Holocaust” and second fear of being labelled ‘antisemitic’.

Sizer blames Israeli Jews for the fall in the numbers of Christians in Judea/Samaria. The truth (well documented) is that they have been hounded out by extremist Muslims. He called Tsipi Livni a ‘war criminal’, the separation fence an ‘apartheid wall built to steal land’ and said that Israelis acquired Arab homes through ‘purchase by stealth’ (what on earth does that mean…). “Zionists play with the Bible” was his parting shot.

The evening finished with a young ingenue Israeli boycotter called Leah – visiting the UK – who claimed that the recent law in Israel made it illegal to boycott. “No it didn’t” I heckled. (It simply underlined the fact that the boycotters cause financial loss and can be forced by the civil courts to compensate those who suffer the loss. How can one argue with that …). That was the only chance I got to speak despite having my hand up for 20m in the Q+A. (The meeting was chaired by the ‘businessman’ of Ahava fame – anyone know his name?).

As always the PSC attracts weirdoes and antisemites to its meetings. Seems they have no scruples whatsoever about this.

And it all happened in a Methodist church in Hammersmith! (Rivercourt Church, King Street). Can you imagine the outrage if a Synagogue agreed to host the EDL?

Postscript: Here is an extract from this Church’s ‘mission statement’:

We try to be an inclusive community respecting difference and celebrating diversity and therefore welcome all those who would wish to share with us as the rainbow people of God.

Why not call/email the Minister of Rivercourt Church to give her your views on how “inclusive” it was to have hosted this meeting?

Rev Rachel Bending
07986 461 787

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