Putting Some Grit Into Pro-Israel Advocacy In Britain: The British Israel Coalition

Sam Westrop is a young pro-Israel activist who featured on a video I posted some time ago is the convenor of a new group, the British Israel Coalition, which, in his words,

“is an umbrella organization for groups and individuals who want to proactively and unashamedly advocate for Israel, for those who wish to part ways with the hesitancy and placation of the status quo, who condemn bigotry in all forms and who support Israel as the only free and democratic state in the Middle East.

The British Israel Coalition is a new umbrella group for all advocates for Israel. Unlike traditional pro-Israel groups in the UK, we ensure that we do not restrict ourselves to a particular segment of the Jewish community, but welcome Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Left-wingers, Right wingers, atheists, the religious – all supporters of Israel fight for Israel under our umbrella.” [My emphasis]

The context in which this organisation was formed, the lamentable developments within Britain (including sections of Anglo-Jewry), that demonstrated the need for setting up the organisation, are described by Sam Westrop in a blog in the Jerusalem Post.

Having thus set the scene, he continues:

“There are many good and excellent people within the leadership organizations, who are well intentioned and keen to do their part. And yet the same individuals appear trapped within a stagnant framework that does far more harm than good. This ludicrous and naïve mindset posits that we can fight our corner solely by being. Obviously, this only works while we are around.
 If there is injustice and great wrong, and of this there is certainly no shortage, then such turpitudes can only be stopped if they are fought against with courage, creativity and moral clarity. With your support, let’s make it work, so things can get better.”

Read the entire piece here:’s-make-it-work

If you’d like to join the new organisation, or to find out more, go to

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