1. “Gravely Concerned” Rep. Peter King Is Calling For An Investigation Into Reports A Man Stowed Away On A Flight From New York To Los Angeles. [THE HILL]\

  2. Eric Holder says he’s moving forward with criminal probe into Bush-era CIA interrogations [FOX]

  3. Petraeus Confirmed As New CIA Director [NPR]

  4. Obama praises Gates on Pentagon chief’s last day [WT]

  5. The Federal Reserve ended its $600 billion bond-buying program,[QE2] and has yet to offer any hints of more monetary easing to come. [REUTERS]

  6. U.S. to expand contacts with Muslim Brotherhood [WA PO]

  7. Tim Geithner considering leaving White House [CNN]

  8. Illegal Aliens Step Boldly Out of the Shadows at DREAM Hearing [HUMAN EVENTS]

  9. Former Army Prosecutor: Some Prisoners ‘Asked to Stay in Gitmo’ Rather than Go Home [CNS]

  10. Judge Denies Boeing Motion to Dismiss Labor Case [FOX]

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