1. Appeals court stops Ariz. immigration law (WT)

  2. Japan Nuclear Disaster Put on Par With Chernobyl (NYT)

  3. Romney takes first official step towards running for president (CNN)

  4. Libyan refugees will come to Jersey (THE US REPORT)

  5. Missouri Democrat Attorney General Says He Opposes ObamaCare – Urged A Federal Judge To Invalidate The Central Provision Of The New Health Care Law (REUTERS)

  6. Pro-Israel Penn State Students Assaulted for Putting up ‘Palestinian Wall of Lies’ (COLLEGIAN)

  7. Not One Mile of Border Secure, Texas Sheriff Says (CNS)

  8. Town Bans Tea Party Signs in Public Park

  9. Gas prices in ‘firing range’ of ALL-TIME HIGH (CNN)

  10. Suspect in Border Patrol agent’s 2009 slaying arrested in Tijuana (LAT)

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