Why does Denmark prosecute truth tellers?

Sir –I am extremely alarmed with the public prosecution of Lars Hedegaard, a leading Danish columnist, and MP and pastor Jesper Langballe, for alleged crimes of “hate speech.”

Apart from the assault these prosecutions represent against a basic human right included in your constitution and the United Nations’ 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights — to free speech — it is boldly hypocritical.

The Danish public prosecutor, so far as I am aware, has never even suggested prosecuting all the rabble rousers who incited actual riots within the borders of Denmark — and indeed, around the world — after Jyllands Posten courageously published a series of satirical political cartoons. Moreover, the same vile persons today continue to blast Jew-hatred and hatred of all non-Muslims throughout your country by every available means. And you do nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Dead silence that has already caused manifold murders and deaths.

In effect, we must conclude that Denmark now prosecutes truth-tellers, themselves victims of genuine hatemongers — namely the totalitarian Islamic radicals who daily, and with complete impunity, call for global imposition of sharia law.

Naturally if ever such a thing engulfs Europe, it would include Denmark and Scandinavia — at which time your government would fall to said radicals, and the very notion of human rights and free speech would die with your nation.

This is a very sad turn for a nation whose citizens once defended human rights at the risk of their own private lives to save virtually Denmark’s entire Jewish population during World War II.

I spent the summer of 1969 in your country. It was one of the happiest times of my life. Now, that memory and all my good feelings for Denmark are going up in flames — by the hand of your public prosecutor.

Please, sir, reverse this course of action. Do not prosecute people who courageously dare, in today’s poisonous and dangerous politically correct environment, to tell the truth of things. Rather, take control and begin prosecuting the hate mongers whose manifold incitements to riots and murder will otherwise bury you all alive.

Americans are watching, and are very much dismayed by the rotten current state of Denmark. Why should Denmark not instead again set an example of courage and fortitude for the entire free world?

Sincerely yours –
Alyssa A. Lappen
Investigative journalist and poet

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