April 12, 2010

The Baehr Essentials

Richard Baehr

It is becoming clearer by the day, that the Obama administration has not tried, and is not trying very hard, to stop Iran from becoming  a nuclear power. The catastrophe that awaits the civilized world when Iran joins the nuclear club, is stark.

When Iran goes nuclear, the Obame team will blame Israel for its intransigence on settlements, which prevented the Obama team from assembling  the international coalition to get tough sanctions passed at the UN.  In other words, the ground is being prepared to save face for a colossal strategic failure,  not to stop Iran.  The linkage that is real is the one that enables Obama to blame Israel for its failure.   The lack of progress on the Israel Palestinian front is not what is blocking effective action against Iran- it is the will to act. 
The most important Obama advisor is the unelected Chicagoan Valerie Jarrett.  If you want to know why there has been a hard left turn on so many matters, from Israel, to nuclear strategy, to health care, to hiring Communist Van Jones, Jarrett may be your answer.   Of course, her competence, and intellectual training on all of these matters is non-existent. But she has he President’s left ear. . How reassuring. 
Aaron David Miller has been involved in Middle East  diplomacy for decades.  He is also generally considered to be on the left in terms of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. He is not a fan of the Obama administration policy on the conflict, which he thinks is really about causing regime change in Israel. Needless to say, the Obama team would never try to achieve regime change in Iran, or support the “green movement” there, but getting rid of the Netanyahu government, that is par for the course.
Elliot Abrams on the same theme.  
Cities, and states  can go broke. But unions will give up nothing. 
Bibi Netanyahu’s address on Holocaust Remembrance Day
With Obama’s approval ratings in the tank, and Democrats deservedly headed for an election year disaster this fall, the left tries to undermine the tea party, a source of energy on the right — first with lies about racist smears at a rally, now by infiltration.  In Stalin’s Russia, they did the same thing, but were less “nuanced”. 
Obama’s global failure:
The myth that both Democrats and Republicans are equally pro-Israel, is breaking down every day. You really have to lower the bar to the ground to call someone like Jan Schakowsky pro-Israel.

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