European Media Blame Arrogant Obama for Copenhagen Fiasco

2009 December 21


It might be hard to believe for Americans who are used to Obama-worshipping from their MSM, but European media have blamed President Barack Obama for the fiasco at Copenhagen. This even though they celebrated his victory against Sen. John McCain last year as if he were the second coming of the Messiah.

The narrative taking hold is this: Although Obama may have thought of himself as The Great Savior, who’d convince the international community to agree on a plan to fight global warming, he accomplished the exact opposite by acting like a pompous ass.

German newspaper Welt words it as follows (thanks to Canada’s best blog, Small Dead Animals for translating the original article):

The collapse of the climate negotiations in Copenhagen is a serious defeat for US President Barack Obama at the international level. He and Chancellor Angela Merkel left before achieving a serious result. Worse, he let the Chinese make him look like a fool…

Instead a fiasco had begun making itself visible and felt. It began during the night of Friday and Saturday. A small group of negotiators assembled from among the 30 important and representative countries, among them Germany, were still discussing the main features and principles to be included in a twelve-point document. It was titled “The Copenhagen Accord” and consisted of a three-page collection of vague aims, without specific legally-binding goals that were to be achieved…

According to rumors in the Bella Center, US President Barack Obama at about 11 PM, had impatiently asked to speak with Wen Jiabao in order to advance the discussion. But Obama had to wait. Wen, who, it was rumored, had rarely left his hotel room, could not be found. Finally, the US delegation located him in a room set aside for negotiations. A visibly furious Obama, according to reports, stormed into the room. “Are you now ready to talk with me, Premier Wen?” he was reported to have shouted. “Are you now ready? Premier Wen, are you now ready to talk with me?” What a scene for a US president.

Foreigners who thought that Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush was arrogant, are starting to realize that his arrogance was nothing compared to that of his successor. Unlike Bush, Obama believes in his own myth. It’s bad enough that his followers think he’s “the chosen one,” but what’s even worse is that he believes it too.

Perhaps the failure of Copenhagen will force European media to reassess Obama and it may even inspire them to cover him and his leftist agenda more critically from now onwards. If so, Copenhagen may not have been a failure after all. Well, not for conservatives at least.

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