141 scientists counter UN – George W. Obama? – More UN Scientists Turn – Climategate ‘fraud, pure and simple’ – UN Cancels Investigation?!


[As always go to www.ClimateDepot.com for latest in the continuing ClimateGate saga which has exposed the sub-prime science that the UN was relying upon. Enjoy watching the climate bubble burst. See: Paper: ‘Don’t let Climategate melt down your portfolio…don’t get stuck with investments tied to global warming’



MEDIA TIDE IS TURNING: CNN Extensively Covers Viewpoint of Climate Skeptics – Shock: CNN ‘actually compared belief in theory to a religion’: Copenhagen ‘has become an international temple for thousands of true believers’ – Video here.


Warming Establishment Crumbles: More than 140 scientists challenge UN’s climate claims in open letter


March 2009 U.S. Senate Report: 700 Plus Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Warming Claims


RealClimate.org Activist Gavin Schmidt of NASA rails on ‘blatant lies put out by Morano, Drudge, Beck etc. – people who are significantly more influential than any of us’


UN climate activists unhappy: ‘If George W. Bush had pulled some of the things Obama has done here, he would have been burned in effigy’


UN IPCC Scientist on Climategate: ‘Why did IPCC Chair Pachauri NOT intervene at the time and made sure that the basic raw data must be made available to anyone and every one?’


S. African UN Scientist on Climategate: ‘Never in the history of science has there been such a flagrant disregard for the fundamental requirements of scientific endeavour’


Princeton Physicist on Climategate: ‘I view it as science fraud, pure and simple’ — Internal pressure mounts on science org. to rescind climate statement


Whoa! Change in Spin! UN climate chief Pachauri now dismisses Climategate e-mail outrage: ‘They were letting off steam…nothing more than that’


UN reverses course on ‘investigation’ of Climategate!? NYT’s Revkin: UN IPCC’s Pachauri says review for ‘lessons’ is planned because of Climategate but not an ‘investigation’

What, no investigation now?! Flashback: UN panel to investigate Climategate: Pachauri: ‘This is a serious issue…we certainly don’t want to brush anything under the carpet’


Flashback: UN climate chief Yvo de Boer: Hacked e-mails are damaging — ‘I think a lot of people are skeptical about this issue…This correspondence looks very bad’


Copenhagen climate change talks must fail, says NASA warming scientist James Hansen — UN summit ‘so flawed that deal would be a disaster’ – Compares cap-and-trade to ‘indulgences the Catholic church sold in the middle ages’


Watch Now: CBS News Does Surprising Segment on Climategate: ‘Reports whether scientists fudged numbers to over-exaggerate climate change’


Media Coverage Improves! UK Times: Skeptical scientists gather in Copenhagen to denounce ‘the biggest lie ever told’


Greenpeace not buying Obama’s CO2 Endangerment Finding: ‘EPA’s announcement is a political gesture’


Chris Mooney: ‘You have to credit the Moranos of the world with a brilliant tactical move…All signs at the moment point to massive’ damage


Climate Depot is ‘bringing in more visitors than RedState.com, one of the most popular conservative blogs on the Web’


Mother Jones Mag.: ‘Climate Depot had as many as 168,000 unique visitors in a month, making it the most popular denial site’


‘Climategate gang is writing the script for Copenhagen’


‘Gore can’t tell time – thinks most recent Climategate email is more than 10 years old’


Climate Fear Promoter Clive Hamilton Writes Public Letter to Skeptic’s Kids: ‘There’s something you need to know about your father…lots of people, mostly poor people, are likely to die’ – Clive Hamilton’s contact info: mail@clivehamilton.net.au


Sarah Palin: ‘The president should boycott Copenhagen’– Reject ‘agenda-driven science’


Video: ‘It’s A Climategate Christmas’


Princeton Professor Will Happer on the Orwellian Movement: UN IPCC ‘rewrites the history of the past climate of Earth’ with the Hockey Stick ‘which is clearly fraudulent’


Scientist: ‘For more than 90% of recent geological time Earth has been colder than today’


Obama science czar’s guru once urged tripling of CO2 levels to increase ‘world food production’ – ‘If CO2 content of the atmosphere could be increased threefold, world food production might be doubled…One can visualize, on a world scale, huge CO2 generators pouring the gas into the atmosphere’


Global warming theory ‘is falling to bits’: ‘2 recent results published by top scientists cast doubt on the UN IPCC’s theory about link between atmospheric CO2 and global warming’


CNN Poll: Majority of Americans (53%) now skeptical of man-made global warming – 22% ‘believe global warming is caused natural changes unrelated to man’ — 31% say man-made global warming is still an ‘unproven theory’ — ‘Only 45% believed global warming is a proven fact…down from 56% in 2007’


Hurricane Expert Rips Climate Fears: ‘There has been an unrelenting quarter century of one-sided indoctrination’ – Climategate revelations ‘are but the tip of a giant iceberg’


Weather Channel Founder: ‘The global warming myth is based on a hypothesis that has failed’


‘The West’s goals in Copenhagen are tantamount to suicide’


Copenhagen climate summit in disarray after ‘Danish text’ leak


Denver mayor says global warming evidence is ‘shocking’: ‘I want to sit down with every skeptic I can find and just walk them through all the evidence’ Mayor Contact info: milehighmayor@denvergov.org or 720-865-9000


More Data Questions: ‘There is at least one temp station where trend has been artificially increased to give a false warming where raw data shows cooling’


Climategate Professor to Skeptic on Live BBC TV: ‘What an Assh*le’


NY Times: Before Climate Meeting, a Revival of Skepticism

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