THE TALIBAN’S SHADOWY PARTNERS The Taliban’s Shadowy Partners War On Terror: The anti-war crowd says the small number of enemy fighters inside Afghanistan doesn’t justify sending 30,000 fresh troops there. They fail to understand the larger problem. Sen. Barbara Boxer complains al-Qaida is scarcely in Afghanistan. She cites an intelligence report leaked to ABC News that only 100 […]


Syria’s Latest “Peace” Overture – by P. David Hornik Posted By P. David Hornik On December 9, 2009 @ 12:15 am In FrontPage | 2 Comments It’s happening yet again. Syria, while simultaneously aiding and facilitating [1] anti-American, anti-Israeli, and general anti-Western terror, is again trying to prettify its image in the West by, among […]

OH ONE MORE THING GENERAL McCHRYSTAL…..DIANA WEST Oh, and One Other Thing, Gen. McChrystal … Tom Stone, a pal and Marine vet (Vietnam), writes in with one more question for Gen.McC: Sir, in light of the fact that you have forgotten, either intentionally or not, everything you were ever taught at West Point concerning warfare and the prosecution of same, I […]


Democrats Commit Political Suicide – In Three Steps By Newt Gingrich Over at Pollster.Com, President Obama’s “streams crossed” this week. That’s part-“Ghostbusters,” part-pollster speak for saying the President’s approval rating dipped below his disapproval rating, causing the lines of the graph charting his standing with the American people to cross. The declining popularity of one […]


To The Point News – COMRADE LYSENKO IN COPENHAGEN COMRADE LYSENKO IN COPENHAGEN Written by Alex Alexiev Tuesday, 08 December 2009 As the illustrious conclave of global warming true believers, led by President Barack Hussein Obama, gathers in Copenhagen for yet another exercise in environmental doom and gloom, observing the proceedings with the sly smirk […]


The Totalities of Copenhagen Global warming and the psychology of true belief. By BRET STEPHENS Wall Street Journal  December 8, 2009   ‘I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” Is it not obvious that the vision of apocalypse as it was revealed to Saint John of Patmos […]

SOME PITHY QUESTIONS FOR GENERAL McCHRYSTAL Questions for Gen. McChrystal  Diana West Commander-on-the-Ground becomes Commander-on-the-Hill as Gen. Stanley McChrystal testifies before Congress today. A few questions, just to break the ice: Q: Sir, you wrote the following the folllowing in your initial Afghanistan assessment: A more forceful and offensive StratCom approach must be devised whereby INS are exposed continually for […]

WHY WON’T MITCH McCONNELL JUST KILL THE BILL? Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile) Since coming to Capitol Hill, current Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been recognized by some in the media as a master strategist when it comes to playing the legislative rules for all they’re worth. But, with amendments to the Obama government health care takeover sailing through the Senate almost […]

MOSLEM WITH TIES TO “CONTROVERSIAL” GROUP LECTURED AT FORT HOOD Controversial Islamic Speaker Welcomed at Ft. Hood By Erick Stakelbeck CBN News Terrorism Analyst December 08, 2009 WASHINGTON — The U.S. military is facing criticism for bringing a controversial Islamic speaker to Fort Hood. The criticism comes just one month after a radical Muslim’s shooting spree at the fort that killed 13 soldiers. Dr. […]

TROUBLING ASPECTS OF THE PRESIDENT’S PLAN FOR AFGHANISTAN Exclusive: Troubling Aspects of the President’s Plan for Afghanistan Presidential Policy: Does It Make the Grade?, James Carafano, PhD Without question, the top news in national security last week was President Obama’s decision on his strategy for Afghanistan. He made the announcement in an address to the nation last Tuesday. Also without question, the […]