Video: Egyptian Shaykhs Pronounce Death on Those Who Insult Muhammad In a video I just translated, three Egyptian Shaykhs (Abu-Bakr al-Hanbali, Muhammad Hassan, and Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni) pronounce the Islamic ruling on one who insults the Prophet:  he is an infidel, and must be killed. (To be fair, Muhammad Hassan in this video only says […]

STANLEY KURTZ: OBAMA OKAYS THE “BOYZ IN THE TERRORHOOD” The Obama administration appears to have opened the door to a Muslim Brotherhood presence in a new Egyptian government. Assuming the administration carries through with this new stance, it represents a momentous shift in American foreign policy, in Obama’s domestic political profile, and, I fear, in the shape of the Middle East. The optimistic […]


Commentary: Brooklyn College reinstates pro-Gaza professor as Mideast seminar leader By Bruce Kesler ENCINITAS, California –Brooklyn College President Karen Gould today announced the re-hire of Kristofer Petersen. His appointment to teach a graduate course on the Politics of the Middle East had been rescinded last week, after a furor over his avid pro-Gaza writings, […]

US “OPEN” TO A ROLE FOR THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD….BUT THEY HAVE TO RENOUNCE VIOLENCE…..HOLD THE LAUGHTER PLEASE,0,2958266.story FROM HIS BOOK Why should we be surprised? He wrote – in AUDACITY OF HOPE – “If things ever turn ugly, I will come down on the side of the MUSLIMS.” U.S. open to a role for Islamists in new Egypt government But the Muslim Brotherhood must renounce violence and support democracy, the White […]

DIANA WEST: THE MUSLIMIST BROTHERHOO UPDATED The Muslimist Brotherhood? Updated Fjordman writes in today with a story from Spiegel Online that notes the concerted efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood, jihad men of the hour, to look normal and non-threatening for benefit of the swooning world media. Spiegel begins by describing the MB crest, which, mirabile dictu, is suddenly nowhere to […]


For Immediate Release: February 1, 2011 Contact:  Anne Bayefsky Egypt Protests: Will the Real Mohammed ElBaradei Please Stand Up? In the name of democratic reform, Mohammed ElBaradei is doing his best to appear as the annointed one to succeed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek, should the government fall. In reality, ElBaradei has more in common […]

Jordan’s Kinglet Fires Cabinet Amid Protests Jordan’s King Fires Cabinet Amid Protests Jamal Halaby AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan’s King Abdullah II, bowing to public pressure, fired his government on Tuesday and tasked a new prime minister with quickly boosting economic opportunities and giving Jordanians a greater say in politics. The country’s powerful Muslim opposition, which had demanded the dismissal of […]


“Non-Extremist” Muslim Brotherhood Warns “Prepare for War with Israel” Posted By Jeff Dunetz According to Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed El Baradei the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood, which gave birth to the terror organizations Hamas, al Qaeda and in the United States CAIR, is in no way an extremist organization and any thought in […]

RONALD REAGAN: THE ONE MAN TEA PARTY BY RUTH KING Ronald Reagan: The One Man Tea Party Ruth King February 6th, 2011 marks the Centennial of the birth of Ronald Reagan, America’s 40th president (January 20, 1981-January 20 1989). On July 2, 2009 President Obama signed the act which set up a commission to celebrate the 100th anniversary. In the presence of Nancy Reagan, […]

HERBERT LONDON: ABBAS REVEALS HIS TRUE AGENDA Abbas Reveals His True Agenda Herbert London In a recent discussion of the anticipated Palestinian state Mahmoud Abbas, leader in the territory, said he “would not tolerate one single Jew in his new country, Palestine.” Speaking before journalists in Ramallah, he clearly and unequivocally noted, “We have already said completely openly, and it will […]