QAD”DAFFY”‘S UKRAINIAN “NURSES” CALL HIM PAPA,1518,755470,00.html Gadhafi’s Ukrainian Nurses ‘Papa Is Used to the Heat’ Moammar Gadhafi may be viewed as a despot by the West, but his Eastern European nurses call him “papa.” Now, one nurse has taken her story public and revealed that the Libyan dictator isn’t a bad boss to have. And that he has a weakness […]

RYAN’S RULES……(ELECTIONS ARE COMING) The Ryan Resolution The most serious attempt to reform government in a generation. Well, so much for dodging entitlements. This year’s trendy complaint, shared by the left and the tea party, that Republicans hadn’t tackled the toughest budget issues was blown away yesterday with the release of House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget for […]

AL QAEDA “SURGES” IN PETRAEUSTAN… By MATTHEW ROSENBERG And JULIAN E. BARNES In late September, U.S. fighter jets streaked over the cedar-studded slopes of Korengal, the so-called Valley of Death, to strike a target that hadn’t been seen for years in Afghanistan: an al Qaeda training camp. Among the dozens of Arabs killed that day, the U.S.-led coalition said, […]

ROGER KIMBALL: ANNE BARNHARDT… CULTURE HERO SEE THESE VIDEOS: ON LINDSAY GRAHAM ON TRASHING THE KORAN Even if you don’t do anything else today, please take a moment to look at the two videos that Ann Barnhardt, an intrepid Colorado resident, made a couple of days ago responding to Senator Lindsey Graham’s spineless attack on Terry Jones, the […]

Alan Dershowitz and Norwegian Anti-Semitism: Bruce Bawer Alan Dershowitz and Norwegian Anti-Semitism Norwegian Israel-haters routinely insist that their hatred of the Jewish state is not an expression of anti-Semitism. But the record strongly suggests otherwise On March 29, the internationally renowned lawyer, Harvard law professor, and supporter of Israel Alan M. Dershowitz published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about […]

Sarkozy snubbed by his own prime minister as Islam debate convulses France ahead of burqa ban With France’s Muslims representing 10 percent of the population and growing, Just one week before the implementation of France’s controversial burqa ban, President Nicolas Sarkozy has suffered yet another serious blow to his credibility after deep splits emerged in his party over a debate about Islam in France. On Tuesday, Sarkozy’s UMP party held a conference in Paris to address widespread public concerns about Sharia […]

MEANWHILE IN PETRAEUSTAN: TWO US SOLDIERS KILLED BY A “LONE” AFGHAN ALLY These latest slayings took place inside a compound in the northern Afghan province of Faryab where the soldiers were providing security for a meeting between US trainers and Afghan border police. I can’t find more details, not even the soldiers’ names, but let’s use our imagination. Two presumably young soldiers arrived safely with their […]

JEROLD AUERBACH: THE RISING CHALLENGE TO ISRAEL’S LEGITIMACY The Rising Challenge to Israel’s Legitimacy By Jerold S. Auerbach Israel confronts a looming legitimacy crisis carefully promoted by its enemies. In September the United Nations General Assembly intends to recognize a Palestinian state in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, the ancient homeland of the Jewish people where more than 500,000 Jews now […]

ARYEH TEPPER: DOGMA FOR MUSLIMS AT WAR WITH THE WEST “WE LOVE DEATH” “We Love Death” By Aryeh Tepper In 2007, two years before he killed thirteen people and wounded twenty-nine at Fort Hood, Texas, Nidal Malik Hasan prepared a slide show for his fellow Army doctors on the subject of Islam. One of his last points read: “We love death more than you love life!” These […]


British Quakers Get Infected With Boycott Derangement Syndrome The British Quakers (Society of Friends), who muster 23,000 strong and have 475 meeting houses, are the latest religious group in the UK to join the ranks of the BDS Movement, which aims to force Israel to abandon the “Occupation” – in other words to be cajoled […]