STAY THE COURSE RICK PERRY:RUBEN NAVARRETTE, JR. Stay the Course, Rick Perry Posted By Ruben Navarrette Jr. If the political parties spent half as much time dealing with the immigration issue as they do manipulating it for their own benefit, the country would be far better off. If you follow every spasm of the immigration debate, you’ll get whiplash and become […]


A Partisan at Justice Resigns Posted By Hans A. von Spakovsky
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Sources inside the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department tell me that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Loretta King, the controversial career lawyer who ordered the dismissal of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case, has announced that she is resigning. King is infamous within the Division for her opposition to race-neutral enforcement of discrimination laws. She made it very clear to her subordinates that she did not want any lawsuits filed against minority defendants no matter what violations of federal voting rights laws they committed. This was the lawyer chosen by President Obama to be the acting head of the Civil Rights Division when he took office.

THE OSLO ACCORDS ARE DEAD….ISRAELIS MUST NOW ACT IN THEIR OWN INTEREST:JACOB CAMPBELL The Oslo Accords are dead. They are no more. They have ceased to be. They’ve expired and gone to meet their maker. Bereft of life, they rest in peace. They’re pushing up the daisies. They are history. Off the twig. Kicked the bucket. They’ve shuffled off their mortal coil, run down the curtain and […]

SHOSHANA BRYEN: NEGOTIATING PEACE AND NOT GETTING THERE The Middle East Quartet (United Nations, the United States, the European Union, and Russia) is promoting new “peace talks” as a means of holding off the Palestinian bid for independence.  American pundits are proffering ways for the United States to “jump-start” the talks, including “American” positions on core issues. Barbara Slavin at AOL is one of those.  Slavin […]


Why Mr Abbas’s Statehood Request Should Be Rejected By The United Nations “Theatre of the Absurd.”  Regarding the United Nations that phrase does suggest itself. Bibi Netanyahu used it in that wonderful speech he delivered last week in response to Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Statehood bid.  And Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer […]

DOROTHY RABINOWITZ: THE APPEAL OF HERMAN CAIN The pundits busy divining the reasons Herman Cain won that Florida straw poll so handily can’t be blamed—it was a compelling spectacle and a distinctly satisfying one as straw poll results go. To have listened to the candidate’s prescriptions in his speech to the delegates Saturday was to see why. Everything he told the […]

JAMES KIRCHICK: SHANE BAUER’S CAPTIVE MIND CHANNELS NOAM CHOMSKY Imagine you are Shane Bauer, one of two American hikers released from Iranian captivity last week. On July 31, 2009, you’re traversing a mountain trail in Iraqi Kurdistan, near the Iranian border. You’re with one of your best friends and your girlfriend. Suddenly a group of Iranian border guards capture you, and the next […]

ANDREW BOSTOM: WAITING FOR PERRY AND ROMNEY ON PROSECUTION OF US MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD FRONT GROUPS Romney and Perry Lagging Behind on Commitment to Prosecution of US Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups? Kudos to the dogged and intrepid J. Mark Campbell of The United West, who has obtained video recorded commitments from Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Herman Cain to pursue and prosecute the major Muslim Brotherhood front groups currently operating […]

ROBERT SPENCER: PALARAB STATE WILL NOT BRING PEACE Millions around the world believe that when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas submitted an application to the United Nations Friday for admission of Palestine as an independent state, he was setting the stage for a new era of peace in the Middle East.  Unfortunately, nothing is more certain than that those hopes—like all the […]


One of the problems in trying to select a leader for any large organization or institution is the tendency to start out looking for Superman, passing up many good people who fail to meet that standard, and eventually ending up settling for a warm body.

Some Republicans seem to be longing for another Ronald Reagan. Good luck on that one, unless you are prepared to wait for several generations. Moreover, even Ronald Reagan himself did not always act like Ronald Reagan.

The current outbreak of “gotcha” attacks on Texas Governor Rick Perry show one of the other pitfalls for those who are trying to pick a national leader. The three big sound-bite issues used against him during the TV “debates” have involved Social Security, immigration and a vaccine against cervical cancer.

Where these three issues have been discussed at length, whether in a few media accounts or in Governor Perry’s own more extended discussions in an interview on Sean Hannity’s program, his position was far more reasonable than it appeared to be in either his opponents’ sound bites or even in his own abbreviated accounts during the limited time available in the TV “debate” format.