You Cannot Speak With Allah

In light of what is happening in our world today, here is an article written in 1955, which is a photograph of reality and prophecy. Then there was no PLO, no Al Qaeda or “radical Islam” …there was and there is Islam, which has not changed since and will never change. Attaching names and attempts to divide the Moslems to moderates and extremists simply humorizing the Muslims! And that Dr. Azriel Carlebach analyzed with clarity and sharpness and incredible insight of the reality and what the future holds in store. No further word is necessary.

Dr. Azriel Carlebach (7 November 1909-12 February 1956) was a journalist and publicist in the time of the Yishuv, prior to the establishment of Israel, and in the early days of the state of Israel and served as the editor of the newspaper Yediot Aharonot and later founder and was the first editor of the newspaper Ma’ariv.

Article by Dr. Azriel Carlebach. Published in the newspaper “Ma’ariv” on 7 October 1955

“It is not the matter of borders the source of the conflict between us and the Arabs, rather the Islamic psychology. The Arabs are the sons of Islam, and with it, along the concept of the worldview, you cannot talk. With Islam you do not live next door in peace.”

Clear and simple truth is that between the Moslem world and the culture of the Western world there is not one common word, and there was not and could not be any understanding. This does not aim at religion, that any religion can be good or bad, according to what its believers will fulfill or overlook its moral principles. It means the influence of Islam on the society life, the sense of the world and the relationships with all other people.

… Fifty – sixty generations one after another were educated in Islam to rape the human nature – not to use the power of thinking, no tot want individual rights, not to lust, not to demand, not to stand tall. In the Moslem world the dim will rules, the dark, the unexplained of Allah. A pedantic and capricious ruler, hidden and sickening …this is the core of the Islam religion – not to ask. A person undertakes this faith in what he says: Allah el Allah”, not in what he is convinced from an idea, but in what he accepts for himself as a tyrant.

Such faith by its very nature cannot be spread through intellectual persuasion or supreme moral, this is the work of the mind and body – and can only be distributed by physical force. And therefore they need to wage a constant holy war against the “non-believers” and bring them into the fold of the right faith with the force of the sword of el-Islam-Allah that loves blood … Never there is greater danger in itself, but the finger on the trigger. And a small bomb in the hands of one madman can destroy an entire philosophers’ Community.

The danger for the West that is buried in Islam is vastly greater than that of Communism. Because within the Communist religion there are multiple educated nucleus than within the Muslim religion. With Communism one can talk about the basics of give and take, because of its materialism it considers also reality, measuring forces, formulating requirements, considers proposals according to feasibility.

All these data do not exist in Islam. Muslims had never agreed on anything, whatever it is, even among themselves … and they cannot materialize anything – not only in the matters concerning Israel; the entire mighty Muslim world could not make an agreement on one common postage stamp. Their reactions – on anything – have no relevance to common sense. They are all emotional lacking calculation, transient, baseless … with all you can talk “business”, even with the devil, but not with Allah …


As CIA Director, David Petraeus testified before the House Intel Committee in a closed hearing on Benghazi on September 14.

(Mistake #1: These hearings should have been open.)

A recap from a post of October 20 titled “What Did the CIA Know and When Did It Stop Knowing It”:

On September 14, ABC established that a bifurcated narrative was emerging from different wings of the administration. On the one hand, CIA Director David Petraeus was putting out the (non-existent) protest story; on the other hand, the Pentagon was already talking terrorist attack.

(Worth tucking away as background from an earlier Ignatius column is that the CIA Director “is also said to have pushed hard in Libya, rushing case officers there to work with the opposition” — a.k.a. al Qaeda.)

ABC reported:

The attack that killed four Americans in the Libyan consulate began as a spontaneous protest against the film “The Innocence of Muslims,” but Islamic militants who may have links to Al Qaeda used the opportunity to launch an attack, CIA Director David Petreaus told the House Intelligence Committee today according to one lawmaker who attended a closed-door briefing.

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, the top Democrat on the House Intel committee, said Petraeus laid out “a chronological order exactly what we felt happened, how it happened, and where we’re going in the future.”

“In the Benghazi area, in the beginning we feel that it was spontaneous – the protest- because it went on for two or three hours, which is very relevant because if it was something that was planned, then they could have come and attacked right away,” Ruppersberger, D-Md., said following the hour-long briefing by Petraeus. “At this point it looks as if there was a spontaneous situation that occurred and that as a result of that, the extreme groups that were probably connected to al Qaeda took advantage of that situation and then the attack started.”

This is damningly concrete information to hang onto like an anchor now that Petraeus and his Democratic allies are trying to slip away on an oily re-interpretation of the September briefing.

Based on Ruppersberger’s on-the-record impressions of the closed-door Petraeus briefing on September 14 we know:

1) In a one-hour-briefing, Petraeus laid out for members in chronological order the what-happened, how-it-happened and where-we’re-going story.

2) The first thing that happened in this Petraeus chronology was a “spontaneous” protest in Benghazi that lasted “two to three hours.”

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How times change. The liberales who now call him a marvelous military man and try to obscure the lying about the Benghazi attack once aligned their furies against the General in a Move.on (Soros funded ????) effort to discredit him in an outrageous New York Times ad called “General BetrayUs” . Senator Cornyn sponsored a congressional amendment to :”To express the sense of the Senate that General David H. Petraeus, Commanding General, Multi-National Force-Iraq, deserves the full support of the Senate and strongly condemn personal attacks on the honor and integrity of General Petraeus and all members of the United States Armed Forces.”

It passed but there were 25 “Nays” against andguess what? Senator Barbie Boxer of California accused Petraeus of painting a “rosy scenario” of the Iraq war and told him to “consider that others could be right.” Boxer also joined 24 of her Democrat colleagues and voted against a provision to condemn a New York Times advertisement that was paid for by attacking Petraeus as “General Betray Us.”

Then at the same hearings then Senator Hillary Clinton, who never lies or obfuscates, told the general in pretty blunt and nasty tone that she had to “suspend disbelief” at his progress report.

P.S. She also voted “Nay” with Barbie and the other Dems…..

Hmmmm……and now Benghazi…..

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Explosive New Arab Music Video: ‘Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv’
The lyrics pulse with typical Middle Eastern themes of dominance and fear of humiliation.

Many wars are cemented in our memories by the songs that were about or popularized during the days of battle. The Civil War had the “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and “Yankee Doodle,” World War I had “Over There,” and for World War II it was The Andrews Sisters’ “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” and also “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree.” Over time, the more popular wartime songs became protest songs. Strong protest songs were ubiquitous during the Vietnam war, expressing the anti-war sentiments, which became especially pervasive during the Vietnam War. Just one example from that era is the Byrds’ “Turn, Turn, Turn,” a riff on Kohelet 3:1-8.

And now we have the Hamas-Israel offensive of 2012. It, too, has inspired a fighting song. This one is both a throwback to the jingoistic style of the earlier wars, but with a pulsing rap beat. Oh, and it practically drips blood.

The first original song to come out of the 2012 Hamas-Israel offensive has a hard rap beat, grainy graphics and a title that delivers the message, without any subtlety: “Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv.”

Thanks to the location and translation services of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), we have access to the lyrics written by the two “West Bank” authors.

The lyrics pulse with typical Middle Eastern themes of dominance and fear of humiliation.

The refrain, “Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv” is repeated early and often, but the hopes expressed are more expansive. In addition to extolling the virtues of grinding Israel into the ground and disdaining the concept of a ceasefire, the musicians take several x-rated swipes at Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

The song also ridicules the Gulf States – the oil-rich Arab countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman – for their stately but meaningless conferences and their reliance upon NATO.

Some of the boasting in the lyrics are fantasies, such as Hamas having downed an Israeli warplane, but the urban legend has already taken off on a life of its own.

Here are excerpts from the lyrics:

We don’t want to truce or solution,
All we want is to STRIKE TEL AVIV.

Here is the breaking news,
We shot down the plane,
And the pilot is missing.

We have downed their airplane,
And filled up their air raid shelters.

My entire people cry out loud,