Islamist Participates in Mayoral Swearing-In Ceremony: Joe Buckham Bob Buckhorn is the new Mayor of Tampa Bay, Florida, replacing long time incumbent Pam Iorio. At his swearing-in ceremony, he made sure to include as participants leaders of all faiths. However, one of the invited – a local imam named Al-Inshirah Abdel-Jaleel – is currently involved in a terror-related institution and has exhibited […]


Peace at Last: Palestine in 2013 Posted By Steven Plaut It was in the year 2013. The Israelis at long last gave up their attempts to resist the pressures of the world. Their newly elected national unity government approved the plan.  The Palestinians, led by a coalition of the PLO and the Hamas, had […]


The Hamas/al Qaeda/Fatah axis One of the most significant reactions to the killing of Osama bin Laden came from the Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. While much of the Arab world has been muted in its response or even guardedly welcomed the end of bin Laden – the Palestinian Authority spokesman, Ghassan Khatib, […]

THE EU’S EMBARRASSED SILENCE; DID THE US COMMIT A “WAR CRIME”….???ROBIN SHEPHERD Embarrassed silence at British Foreign Office, European Union after Obama commits “war crime” over “targeted assassination” of bin Laden Britain and the EU have long slammed Israel for the targeted assassination of terrorist leaders. Logic dictates that they regard Barack Obama as a “war criminal” for having done the same to Osama bin Laden. […]

LEE SMITH: THE SYRIAN CRISIS LEE SMITH: THE SYRIAN CRISIS Now more than a month and a half after peaceful demonstrations kicked off in the small city of Deraa, the Syrian uprising gives the Obama administration another shot at getting history right. The first time was June 2009, when the people of Iran took to the streets to […]

ANDREW BOSTOM: HEDEGAARD SHOW TRIAL IN DENMARK: THE REAL LOSERS ARE FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND WOMEN Hedegaard Show Trial in Denmark: “The real losers today are freedom of speech and Muslim women.” Posted By Andrew Bostom I learned of the horrific “honor” murder [1] of a 20-year-old Muslim young woman in Michigan by her pious Muslim stepfather, within a short time after receiving news of the profoundly disturbing turn of […]

SAMI-AL-ABASI: THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD REVEALS ITS ISLAMIST VISION OF DEMOCRACY The Muslim Brotherhood Reveals Its Islamist Vision of Democracy Posted By Sami al-Abasi The grand question in Egypt’s upcoming elections is the new role of the major Islamist political factions — and whether they are really committed to playing by democratic rules. Chief among the Islamists is the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), an organization whose […]

OSAMA BIN LADEN AND DANGEROUS DOUBLE GAMES: FRANK GAFFNEY Americans have had a rude awakening. The military’s liquidation of Osama bin Laden a few days ago in a million-dollar, heavily secured compound close by a Pakistani military academy has brought home to many what had previously been understood by only a few: One of the nations officially deemed a key ally in the […]

FROM MEMRI, BAD RACHEL AND JOHN PODHORETZ…..GOTTA SEE THIS VIDEO Iraqi Commentators Come to Blows Discussing the Legacy of Saddam Hussein  


From Guantanamo to Abbottabad: JOHN YOO The bin Laden mission benefited greatly from Bush administration interrogation policies, but President Obama still prefers to kill, rather than capture, terrorists. This costs valuable intelligence. By John Yoo In the space of 40 minutes on Sunday night, two Navy SEAL teams descended on a compound in Abbottabad, […]