GHANDI AND THE JEWS: ELLIOT JAGER Gandhi and the Jews By Elliot Jager Gandhi, Schlesin, and Kallenbach, 1913. A new book about Mohandas Gandhi (1869–1948) has set off stormy protests in India for implying that the country’s founding father was bisexual. That’s only the beginning of it. The Gandhi-Kallenbach Ménage Akshaya Mukul,  Times of India.  India’s embassy in Tel Aviv has been negotiating […]

RICHARD GRENIER: THE GHANDI NOBODY KNOWS(1983)…please see note THIS RANKS AS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIE REVIEWS EVER….MILLIONS WERE FOOLED BY BEN KINGSLEY IN A DIAPER WITH A CANE IMPERSONATING THE NASTY LITTLE GNOME…..RSK The Gandhi Nobody Knows Richard Grenier — March 1983 I had the singular honor of attending an early private screening of Gandhi with an audience of invited guests […]

GENERALLY CLUELESS PETRAEUS BEING “SERIOUSLY”CONSIDERED FOR TOP ROLE IN CIA? General David Petraeus is being “seriously considered” for the job of CIA director, according to a report by National Public Radio. Petraeus is the commander of US forces in Afghanistan but plans to leave that post later this year, and NPR, citing unnamed government officials, reported that Petraeus “would take the job if offered.” […]

HUFFINGTON POST/AOL; A SLANDER OF ILARIO PANTANO TO TOUT CONTROVERSIAL IMAM….SEE NOTE THIS IS SO SHAMELESS…PANTANO WAS CLEARED….OF ALL CHARGES…..RSK AOL/Huffington Post Slander Ex-Marine Ilario Pantano To Tout Controversial Imam Posted by Dan Riehl Thanks to what many believe to be a foolish decision by AOL, to engage Arianna Huffington to oversee what they hope will be a significant  online national news content network, this editorial would […]


The Importance of the Whole Truth About Palestine, 1919-48 The following article, entitled “Palestine – Understanding the Present by Remembering the Past,” is by Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer.  It comes via the antipodean J-Wire service.  The article by retired Saudi commodore Abdulateef Al-Mulhim to which Singer refers was the subject of […]

COULD ISRAEL BECOME AN ENERGY GIANT? BRET STEPHENS The Jewish state has 250 billion barrels of oil shale. Jerusalem “That is beautiful product.” Harold Vinegar is holding a little vial of oil, light-brown in color, with a look of paternal pride. “It’s much lighter than typical crude,” he says, describing it as “the equivalent of Saudi extra-light.” Maybe somewhere else this would […]

PAUL RYAN: THE GOP ROAD TO PROSPERITY (ELECTIONS ARE COMING) The GOP Path to Prosperity Our budget cuts $6.2 trillion in spending from the president’s budget over the next 10 years and puts the nation on track to pay off our national debt. By PAUL D. RYAN Congress is currently embroiled in a funding fight over how much to spend on less than one-fifth […]

A BIRTH CERTIFICATE SCANDAL THAT IS NUTS…”TRANSGENDERS” SUE New York City Health Department confused by gender benders Individuals who claim they’re “transgender” are suing the New York City Health Department over what they say is discrimination. These people are upset because the city won’t change the sex listed on their birth certificates unless they’ve had elaborate surgery to refashion their private parts […]

WASHTIMES EDITORIAL: ISRAEL VINDICATED In February 2010, President Obama’s genocide muse, National Security Council senior director of multilateral affairs Samantha Power, harshly criticized Israel’s reaction to the controversial Goldstone report on the 2008-2009 Gaza War. “Is the correct strategy fighting Goldstone on all fronts?” she asked. Turns out it was; good thing the Israeli government ignored Mrs. Power. […]

CAROLINE GLICK:THE LESSONS OF THE GOLDSTONE LIBEL Palestinian statehood is increasingly more likely. The lessons that can — and must — be learned from the Goldstone affair Richard Goldstone’s repudiation of the eponymous blood libel he authored in 2009 provides a number of lessons about the nature of the political war against the Jewish state and how we must act if […]