Why We Need to Know Why — Honoring Attorney General Mukasey URL to article: Last night in New York City, I had the privilege of presenting former U.S. Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey with the 2012 Freedom Flame Award, an annual honor bestowed by Frank Gaffney’s invaluable Center for Security Policy. In 1995, Judge […]

ANDREW BOSTOM: The “Af-Pak” Morass: From Churchill’s Clarity, to Crocker’s Fecklessness Yesterday, Tuesday 5/22/12, one year after his appointment, US ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker, announced [3] he was stepping down, ostensibly for “health reasons.” The announcement followed Monday’s NATO summit in Chicago [4], where the alliance agreed to relinquish responsibility for Afghan security to that country’s military forces by the middle of 2013, in […]

World’s “Journalists” Prematurely Climax over Mladic

I’ll leave room for the possibility that Ratko Mladic did go ahead and draw a finger across his throat toward the professional victim who claimed he did so last Wednesday May 16th, figuring he might as well since the media mistakenly had him doing it last year anyway. (In a case of the AP misreporting itself about a Bosnian woman who’d made the gesture toward Mladic.)

Leaving room for the possibility that the disproved incident did finally occur a year later — in precisely the same way — one must point out the following: Once again we have no video and, in the wall-to-wall news coverage about this, no one but Munira Subasic — the one he supposedly aimed the gesture at — was cited as witnessing it.

So are we to believe a professional victim, head of Mothers of Srebrenica, Munira Subasic, who is well acquainted with the fellow professional victim to whom it supposedly happened last year (Kada Hotic, who boasted that she taunted the defendant by drawing a finger across her throat)? Naturally, when news reports came out last year — without any footage — that Mladic was the one who had done the gesture “taunting the gallery,” Hotic didn’t do anything so honest as correct them. Something that would have been easier for her to do than it was for me, who nonetheless got a printed retraction by the AP.)

Knowing how well such Serbian War Criminal(TM) behavior plays in the media, isn’t it possible that last week Subasic was merely acting her part in the ongoing Western-directed play about her country? Picked up on the media lie that Hotic’s gesture was turned into last year; grafted it onto herself; and recycled it. Balkan Muslims being expert at internalizing the uber-victim roles bestowed upon them by the West.

Again, you’d think that if Mladic really did something like this, there’d be a sumptuous video of it, and that video would be plastered all over the evening news. And Jon Stewart would replay it and build a routine around it the way he did Medvedev saying to Obama, “I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

“Yet,” writes reader Nick T, “when I looked for a picture or video, there is none anywhere. Youtube has one piece by [ITV] news. And the lead by the female journalist is that Mladic made the “hand across the throat” gesture. So i thought, ok, they will now show it. Nothing. The rest of the piece shows the judge, Mladic sitting quietly and then the prosecutor rambling on. Did these journalists graduate from the Goebbels School of Journalism???”


This (we are told) is a picture of Sheikha Safaa, the new general manager of Marya, a new Egyptian television channel (named for a Coptic concubine “gifted” to Mohammed — yick) is staffed entirely by fully and blackly veiled — no, obstructed — women, both behind and in front of the camera.

“Veiled” doesn’t begin to describe the “niqab” treatment — a winding sheet with a peep hole.

Lest we forget what “veiled” really means, here is a photograph of a veiled Marlene Dietrich in The Devil Is a Woman:


A roundup of recent Commentary Contentions posts on the misguided solipsism of the Jewish-American far left. Since they don’t know many pro-Israel American Jews, the reasoning appears to go, there must not be many pro-Israel Jews left in America:

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Defense of Declining “Forward” Not Doing Newspaper Any Favors

“Ignoring the details of Hitler’s message—or Stalin’s or Mao’s—waters down the critically important specificity of historical experiences into generalized and empty laments for “all victims of genocide.” It furthers, for example, the dejudaization of the Holocaust. Reminders of precisely how the Holocaust was different, in intent and execution, are most unwanted. Reminders of how the current Chinese communist regime is heir to Mao’s slaughter of tens of millions are equally unwelcome. By celebrating all victims, we celebrate none and forget all.”

Important literature can’t be kept under wraps forever. A case in point is Mein Kampf. The German state of Bavaria, which holds the German copyright, has blocked the book’s publication within Hitler’s homeland; as recently as 2010, the state went to court to prevent an unauthorized academic edition. But in 2015, 70 years after the author’s death, Bavaria’s copyright will expire. So, the state has announced plans to fund two new editions, the first in German since 1945, including critical commentary. The aim, say Bavarian authorities, is to “demystify” Mein Kampf and make other editions “commercially unattractive.”

BRUCE BAWER: THE MOST APPALLING AND DEPRESSING INTERNATIONAL POLL….ISRAEL AS UNPOPULAR AS NORTH KOREA AND IRAN Among the findings of a new international survey, commissioned by the BBC and performed by an outfit called Globescan, is that the four least popular countries in the world, or at least in the 22 countries surveyed, are Pakistan, Iran, North Korea – and Israel. Polling residents of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, […]

CORY BOOKER TELLS THE TRUTH: JACOB LAKSIN Poor Cory Booker. The Newark, New Jersey, mayor and rising Democratic Party star has run afoul of the law of gaffes, coined by the journalist Michael Kinsley. The law holds that a gaffe occurs when a politician accidentally tells the truth. Booker did exactly that during an appearance this Sunday on “Meet the Press” […]

IRAN ROPE-A-DOPES THE WEST AGAIN: BRUCE THORNTON Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, announced on Tuesday that Iran would agree “quite soon” to allow IAEA inspectors to search for any evidence that Iran’s nuclear enrichment program has been directed towards military applications. The IAEA has been particularly interested in the Parchin military complex, where it is suspected […]

THE MAN WHO WOULD RULE EGYPT: AN ISLAMIST WOLF IN MODERATE CLOTHING: MARK TAPSON Egypt, the original heart of the Arab Spring, goes to the polls this Wednesday and Thursday to elect a new president, and the Obama administration’s favored choice, Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, may emerge the victor. “He could be the president who puts Egypt on a path towards genuine democracy,” says one U.S. official. But […]