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Mark Falcoff – Oval Office Watch – Saturday, March 6

Oval Office Watch

How The Coming Union Pension Plan Collapse is Affecting White House Decisions
Much of the first 14 months of the Obama administration has been a public “love story” between the White House and the Labor Unions. It seems as if President Obama has been basing many of his decisions on how they help the Union Bosses as opposed to how they help the entire country:
A large contributor to the bankruptcy of Chrysler and General Motors was the liability the Auto Giants owed to the UAW pension plans. In the buyout deal, the President gave the unions more than their fair share of the two companies at the expense of the primary investors who legally should have received more.
In September the POTUS announced that it would impose a tariff of 35 percent on $1.8 billion of automobile tires imports from China, angering the country holding a large chunk of our bonds, acting on a petition from one of his major constituencies, the United Steelworkers union.
Andy Stern, head of the SEIU has been to the White House more than any other visitor. Some commentators have reported that’s Stern’s constant trips to the White House is due to his participation in reviewing the basic components of the health care bills as they are developed by the houses of congress. Why is this particular legislation so important to the unions? Because the unions pensions plans are woefully underfunded. The hope is once Obamacare is passed union workers will eventually be shoved over to the co-ops (or an eventual government option), freeing up union cash to help with the pension program. Read article.
Canada‘s warning against government health care – Democrats want to ruin a system that’s the envy of the world.
Editorial, Washington
President Obama and congressional Democrats are ramping up efforts to ram through a government takeover of the health care system. The vast majority of Americans are opposed to this bureaucratic power grab because they know government will do what it always does, which is increase cost while lowering efficiency and service. In case there’s any doubt, all you have to do is look to our neighbor to the north for tales of doom and gloom that come with nationalized health care.
Canada provides a clear warning about government involvement in health care as even its most prominent citizens come to America for important procedures. Just last month, Danny Williams, the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, crossed the border to have a heart valve replaced in the United States.
Canadian doctors told Mr. Williams in December that his heart valve problems had become severe and that he needed immediate care or risked heart failure. He had two reasons for coming to the Land of the Free. One reason is the ability to choose the best procedure and the choice of the best doctors. Canadian doctors are still using an older heart surgery technique that requires breaking bones to reach the heart. The top-notch cardiac surgeon the premier picked in Florida had performed more than 8,000 open-heart surgeries and used a procedure that reaches the heart through a small incision under the arm, without breaking any ribs. This surgical procedure also requires much less time to recuperate.
The second reason he came here is something that Canadians appreciate all too well – the long wait times they face to get surgery in Canada. Read article.
Whatever happened to Van Jones?
Ethel C. Fenig, American
Ordinary folks working in private industry who publicly make outrageous, unproven statements about their chief executive, or just don’t get the facts right are usually fired or forced to quit. Finding new employment, especially in this economy, is often quite difficult. But if the person works for the government, especially in the upper echelons, such misconduct is often rewarded with a better job with a higher salary, more perks and a platform to criticize those who behave responsibly.
Remember Van Jones, the “environmental justice advocate” (not my description) or “environmental czar” (ditto) who served as a White House adviser on “green jobs” to President Barack Hussein Obama (D) until forced to resign when his communist affiliations, his belief that President George W. Bush (R) allowed September 11 to happen and other irresponsible behavior became public?
According to Juliet Elperin of the Washington Post, Jones has emerged unscathed, reborn as a university professor, “a distinguished visiting fellow at Princeton University’s Center of African-American Policy.” Read article.
Requiem for Obamacare: The Cake Has the Death Baked In
“Obama’s cake is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down…”
I don’t think I’m alone when I sense with every passing day that the gigantic gâteau de merde cooked up by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid is being moved outside by the American people. Moved outside into a torrential storm that looks to wash it all away. That’s the good news.
The better news is that even if The OPR Wrecking Crew manages to pass this sorry, sodden slopbucket of a bill through the tight sphincter of “reconciliation” it will only cover their cake with green cyanide frosting. And the people who are going to be served large sodden slices of this cake this coming fall will be any incumbent that voted for it. Even if those voting sit in Demowhore “safe seats” they can plan on spending a lot more money and energy to keep sitting than ever before. At the same time, they can also count of their bases of support to be less energetic and generous than ever before.
From an objectionable chunk of legislation under ordinary circumstances, the Obamacare initiative has grown over time into something so politically lethal that it makes Jamestown look like Mayberry. This last week has added something new to the death cake mix — a double dip of tediousness.
The Healthcare Bill is not just terrible any longer (and getting more terrible the longer it becomes), it’s now become terribly boring too. The nearly year long gruntfest around this bill has finally gotten to the stage of terminal enervation. To even begin to listen to Obama, Pelosi, Reid or any of their clapped-out capitol whores flatulate further on the issue is now as numbing as having a railroad spike nailed down the center of your spine. And that goes for its supporters. There was little new to say about what they were up to when they started and now, after repeating themselves into oblivion, they have less than zero to say and yet they persist in saying it.
You can be a lot of things in America and do a lot of things to Americans, but you can’t bore them to death in the process. Read article.
Obama Discovers Iran’s Preconditions
Austin Bay, Patriot
Iran’s wicked conditions prior to Barack Obama’s fanciful “no preconditions” now present themselves — with the mullahs’ rogue nuclear program 13 months closer to producing a bomb.
Last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton focused attention on the Iranian regime’s powerful and tentacled radical militia, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRG). “Iran is moving toward a military dictatorship,” Clinton said. “The trend with this greater and greater military lock on leadership decisions should be disturbing to Iranians as well as those of us on the outside.”
Trend? IRG power is old news, and one of a multitude of wicked conditions candidate Barack Obama rhetorically obscured amidst his promises of hope, change, “smart” diplomacy and decisive negotiations with the robed dictators sans preconditions.
For three decades, the Iran’s Khomeinist clerics and their “armed wing” (the IRG) have entwined so tightly it’s tough to separate the snakes. In the mid-1990s, the IRG, having supplanted the Iranian Army as the regime’s primary military force, became demonstrably influential in foreign affairs. As the ire of the Iranian people rose, spurred by corruption and a failing economy, the IRG’s domestic clout increased. Read article.
Obamanomics: It’s Still Not Working
Robert Stacey McCain,
Sales of previously owned homes in January stumbled considerably for the second consecutive month. The National Assn. of Realtors in Washington said Friday that sales fell 7.2%. . . .
Economists said that last month’s sales drop from December was another sign the market is critically weak and unlikely to recover robustly this year as the potential for more foreclosures looms. Friday’s report follows news this week that sales of newly built homes hit a record low in January and that mortgage applications plunged to their lowest level in nearly 13 years. .
Just eight weeks into 2010, the FDIC has already shut down 21 banks:
Regulators seized a small bank in Nevada on Friday, bringing the year total to 21 as small institutions continue to struggle with bad loans.
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp said Carson River Community Bank in Carson City, Nevada was closed, and its deposits were assumed by Heritage Bank of Nevada, from Reno, Nevada. The agency said earlier this week that the number of “problem” U.S. banks jumped 27 percent during the fourth quarter of 2009 to 702, the highest level since 1993 and a sign that the industry’s recovery remains uneven.
The worst of this crisis is yet to come. Take it from someone who predicted the failure of Obamanomics. Read article.
Obama’s Foreign Policy is no Different from his Handling of Obamacare
On assuming office, Obama’s vision of foreign policy was simple: he would repudiate past American policies and the whole world would melt before the president’s charm.
The administration somehow thought that we really didn’t have enemies with agendas completely hostile to our own – there were just countries that had become offended by US actions and they would happily cooperate with America as soon as the evil Republicans were gone.
Well, it hasn’t worked – and there was no Plan B.
At the core of the problem is a simple inability to recognise and support our friends over adversaries. In his first year in office Obama made numerous apologies for America’s past to the Third World, he effusively greeted the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, he bowed low to the Saudi ruler, and called for a “reset” of relations with Russia – all the while implying that America was at fault for all these problems. Read article.


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